Clouds Brewing Is Open


If you've never been to the Clouds Brewing in downtonw Raleigh you should check it out. They are known for their famous "downpour", where you pour your own beer and are charged by the ouce. Pretty rad to say the least. Well, the good news is they have opened a second location in downtown Durham, the Brightleaf area, right next to my office. This area of Durham is really hurting for a good brew pub, so the timing is perfect. They had a sign on their door for the longest time saying they were opening soon. I bookmarked their Facebook page and literally checked my phone every few hours waiting for updates. They have awesome burgers and an amazing beer cheese pretzel, hightly recommend getting that when you go. Their downpour is really cool, definitely the highlight of their place. You pay for a wristband that has a sensor in it, when you want beer you just select the tap and put your wristband up to it. It reads it and lets you pour the beer. You are charged by the ounce, so you can try as little or as much as you want. It's really great. My sister is coming into town this week, definitely plan on heading out to check it out. Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere is really nice as well. The inside is exposed wood with what I think is shiplap, which is amazing. So again, if you are looking for something great to do this weekend, check out Clouds, you will not be disappointed.