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Fall Weather In NC


Fall weather reminds me of a good cup of coffee and a good beer. My wife and I love our coffee, every morning we have to have it. I get up, work out, make my daugher her breakfast, take a shower and then grind those coffee beans. I always reach for Counter Culture but she likes Cafe Bustelo. Either way I am good to go, as long as I get that caffeine in me. But at night, I am a beer guy. As soon as I get home from work, I head over to the man cafe to peruse the selection. I like to keep it fully stocked with a variety of craft breweries, but lately I've been enjoying Brooklyn Stout. It's really good, dark and chocolatey and only about 110 calories. I used to drink a lot of double stouts, like Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and Founders Double Stout, but they weigh in at over 230 calories sometimes, not so good for the belly. Brooklyn Brewery reminds me of when I lived in NYC. For my buddy's bachelor party we took a party bus down to the West Village where we hung out at Fiddle Sticks. If you've never been there you should definitely check it out, so fun.

After we checked out Brooklyn Brewery which is the first time I had the delicous stout. We took a tour, which I highly recommend and sampled everything they had on top, which was pretty awesome. There are so many craft breweries popping up these days it's crazy. I think in Raleigh, NC alone there are 50 within 10 miles or so. It's awesome. It's great too that we now have Uber and Lyft here. Lyft has been pushing hard to compete with Uber. They send me a coupon every day to my email. I've tried them a couple times, pretty much the same as Uber. It's funny though, sometimes I'll get picked up by an Uber driver and they'll give me a Lyft card on the way out and say to contact them on Lyft for the ride home. I guess they get more of a cut? Either way, not sure if Uber would be happy to find that out. Anyway, be sure to be safe if you're out sampling the fine breweries of your town. Take a taxi, Uber or maybe a party bus. Either way just be safe.

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